EMBL Fellows' Career Service

Career support and guidance to predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows across EMBL’s six sites

The EMBL Fellows’ Career Service provides career support and guidance to predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows across EMBL’s six sites.

EMBL is committed to providing the next generation of scientists with the training, mentoring and career development support needed to identify and successfully progress in their desired careers.

Some of our resources and events are also made available to the entire scientific community: the EMBL Careers Blog and EMBL Careers Webinars.

Activities at EMBL

The service helps EMBL fellows to take informed decisions about their career planning. Whether the main interest is pursuing a career path in academia, exploring opportunities in industry R&D, or moving away from the bench, the EMBL Fellows’ Career Service can help.

Two dedicated career advisors provide support at all stages of the career planning process through a portfolio of activities and resources for EMBL’s predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows. These include:

  • Individual career guidance
  • Job application materials checks
  • Resources summarizing information on different career options, and on best practice for job applications
  • Exercises to assist self-directed career planning
  • Career development workshops and events – including a biennial Corporate R&D Summer School
  • Specific activities for predocs and postdocs

EMBL Fellows can find more about these offers on the EMBL intranet.

The EMBL Fellows’ Career Service incorporates the EIPOD career development service, which receives funding under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions COFUND (grant number 847543).

Career webinars

The EMBL Fellows’ Career Service organize regular careers webinars that cover both non-academic and academic career topics.

Our Careers Webinars are free of charge and open to participants from EMBL and from other institutions. All participants must register to attend.

Please see the links below to register for upcoming public events.

Upcoming webinars

2023 EMBL Careers Webinars

  • Making the transition to a group leader role | 15 September 11:00-12:00 (CEST) | Registration
    • Sarela García Santamarina, Group Leader, Human Microbiota – Xenobiotics Interaction, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB NOVA), Portugal
    • Velia Siciliano, Principal Investigator, Synthetic and System Biology for Biomedicine, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy
    • Alejo Rodriguez-Fraticelli, Group Leader, Quantitative Stem Cell Dynamics, Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), Spain
  • Data science careers in pharma, healthcare and beyond | TBC

Previous events

In 2023:

  • Product management | 30 June
    • Julia Roberti, Product Manager, Advanced Confocal Imaging, Leica, Germany
    • Nicola Dynes, Manager – Platform Product Management, Sophia Genetics, Switzerland
  • How to choose the right postdoc lab | 18 April
    • Ana Boskovic, Group Leader, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Italy
    • Allison McClure, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA
    • Duncan Odom, Group Leader, University of Heidelberg and DKFZ/German Cancer Research Center, Germany
  • Consulting | 17 February
    • David Puga, Strategy Consultant, Catenion, Germany
    • Miriam Fontanillo, Senior Engagement Manager at a major global consulting company, Switzerland
    • Noorie Karimbocus, Senior Manager, EY, Mauritius

Previous years:

In 2020-2022, 22 webinars were organized, with 54 speakers from 16 countries and over 3400 attendees in total. Previous public events also include the annual EMBL Career Day held at EMBL Heidelberg until 2019.


The EMBL Fellows’ Career Service is part of the Internal Scientific Training Team directed by Monika Lachner – Head of Internal Scientific Training (EICAT) and Dean of Graduate Studies.

Contact persons in the EMBL Fellows’ Career Service:

General inquiries

EMBL Heidelberg, Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +49 6221 387-8725/8891

Email: fellows_careers@embl.org