Science and Society

Creating a platform for dialogue and debate of scientific research

The Science & Society Programme, which is the external engagement arm of EMBL's Bioethics Office, aims to create a platform for dialogue and debate, allowing EMBL to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSi) of scientific research. We act as a neutral facilitator, providing an impartial forum to explore the societal context in which scientific research operates.

About Science & Society

With the support of the Science & Society Committee, who act as EMBL’s internal think tank, we run a range of internal and external events, designed to facilitate analysis of, and outreach on scientific issues with a societal relevance. This process establishes a vehicle for scientists, and experts from a variety of disciplines, to meet with members of the public, and to engage in dialogue, seminars, discussion meetings, conferences, and symposia. It also provides researchers with comprehensive insight into how society could be impacted by their research.

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