The impact of EMBL experimental services

EMBL enables European researchers to tackle global challenges

Independent impact review finds EMBL experimental services are ‘critical’ for research and endorses EMBL as a world-class service provider for academia and industry.

EMBL's experimental services deliver substantial value to Europe by delivering scientific services and thereby enabling researchers to conduct novel and demanding experiments that could not be easily achieved at a purely national level, an independent review found.

The global consultancy Technopolis Group, specialising in research and innovation policy, conducted a survey and analysis of non-EMBL users of EMBL's experimental services. The survey aimed to identify whether users have realised scientific, technological, societal and economic benefits stemming from the experimental services at EMBL Barcelona, Grenoble, Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Rome.

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Key findings

A summary of the findings from a review of the impacts of EMBL experimental services.

EMBL experimental services are critical for research

EMBL pioneers integrative experimental services enabling cutting edge research

EMBL experimental services enable more research that is of higher quality

EMBL experimental services create wider benefits for the research ecosystem

Research results contribute to solving global societal challenges and generating economic impact

Technology transfer and industry relations maximise the impact of the EMBL experimental services

External academic users value EMBL experimental services at €17.5 million per annums

Case studies

The Technopolis study team developed impact case studies which cover academic and industry use of EMBL experimental services. The case studies illustrate the types of socio-economic impacts that have been realised as a result of using one or more of these services.


Development of a game-changing technique for structural biology

Pioneering SAXS

Using X-rays to make the invisible visible in biological solutions

Drug development

Enabling new avenues in developing drugs for psychiatric disorders


EMBL supports the ‘impossible’: Mapping the ribosome

3D Imaging

Development of 3D Imaging of multicellular specimens


Development of fully automated macromolecular crystallography

User testimonials

Without EMBL facilities, the majority of the experimental work that supported our research for the last decade would have been unfeasible.

EMBL academic user, Portugal

The support has always been excellent, from the initial application to the data acquisition and processing.

EMBL academic user, Spain

At the start of my business, there was no knowledge and no machines/tools to perform the work: both of them have been provided by EMBL.

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